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Winter Hair Colors 2018
10 December, 2018

The leaves have fallen. The pumpkins have disappeared. Now, there’s a familiar chill in the air. It’s our yearly reminder that winter is upon us! As the temperatures drop, many of us feel the urge to switch up our hair color and start anew. So we've made a list of the very best hair colors to rock this winter!

Check out these great color ideas to stay on trend this season and really make a statement:

Ice Blonde


This first trend goes out to the blondes. The weather is frightful, but this ice blonde shade is anything but. This look showcases a cool platinum blonde with gray undertones. Where a typical blonde has a more yellow base, this blonde takes a walk on the cooler side. This color requires some serious upkeep, but not if you have it on a wig! It’s totally fierce and there's no damage done to natural hair with bleaching and toning. So go wig blonde for a win-win this winter!


Rose Gold


In the jewelry world, mixing copper and gold creates a rose gold shade. Something about the color is so romantic. It’s no surprise the color has seen recent popularity in engagement rings. Rose gold is just as romantic and pretty as a hair color as well. Highlighting the coppery undertones of this look makes it flirty and fun. Play up or down the copper in this color as much as you wish to stay warm.


Cold Brew


Cold brew isn’t just a winter coffee favorite - it’s also a hair color technique! This color took the world by storm in fall 2018 and we are still not over it yet. Luckily, it is an amazing look to rock in the winter too. To cold brew your hair, start with a dark brunette base and paint in subtle warm highlights throughout. Or go with a ready to wear wig and the work is done for you!



Gray - on purpose? You bet! Women who are in various stages of graying know too well the struggle to hide stubborn gray hairs. 2018, however, has seen gray and silver become a cool must-have color, and so have we - because, honestly, it's beautiful!  Depending on the original hair color, silver or gray can be a tricky shade to achieve. But if you are naturally gray, you’re already on trend! Some dark low-lights or roots can add dimension to this color and make it even more classy and posh. 


Cinnamon Highlights/Lowlights

This trend works with every hair color! Shades of red are all the rage this season, so cinnamon low-lights or highlights are the perfect nods to the trend. It’s a great way to experiment with red tones without committing to a full redhead. We just adore it!

More wig news: Realhumanhairs


The Best Wigs for Cool Skin Tones
12 November, 2018

There are so many amazing color choices for wigs out there, but how do you know which ones will look the best on you? Have you seen a great color on someone, just to compare it to yourself to find that it falls flat?

There is a secret way to find out which colors will look the best on you. It’s all down to your skin tone.

What Skin Tone Do You Have?

The first thing you need to figure out is what kind of skin tone you have, warm or cool. Sound confusing? It’s not too hard to determine when you take this little quiz:

Do you prefer silver jewelry or gold? Preferences for silver jewelry typically means that you have a cool skin tone. Is your natural skin tone pale, pink or medium?  If any of these are true, you have a cool skin tone.

If you think you may actually have a warm skin tone, read our blog Wigs For Warm Skin Tones! Once you’ve figured out what type of skin tone you have, you can pick the best wigs for you.

So Which Wigs Are For Me?

There are so many different options for women with cool skin tones! Here are our favorites:

With a classic bob style, you can take on anything! The Hailey Wig by Noriko in Java Frost is a great option for cool skin tones. Women with cool skin tones will look great in ash browns and this color and style will give you a lot of options.

Product shown is Hailey by Noriko

Women with cool skin tones don’t have to limit themselves to browns though! You get the best of both worlds by being able to pull off some of the more extreme colors and styles. Fabulous by Revlon in Crème de Coco does exactly that. With amazing blond hair with brown roots, you’ll be stealing the show.  

Product shown is Fabulous by Revlon

Don’t limit yourself to short hair – cool skin tones can pull off both long and short wigs. For example, when looking for wigs for women check out Indie Waves by Forever Young in French Vanilla Blonde. These subtle waves will frame your face and keep you looking great. These fibers are also heat resistant so you can use any of your favorite curling or straightening tools.  

Product shown is Indie Waves by Forever Young

Looking for sleek and chic? Try out Straight Edgy by Forever Young. This look comes in a variety of colors that are great for cool skin tones. You’ll want to choose between Black, Off Black, and French Vanilla Blonde. With cool skin tones, you'll always look great in ash colors, but you are safe with some neutrals and even warm hues, given the right shade!

Check out the Lilac Frost by Hairdo if you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary. The frosted look with dark roots not only makes a great look but adds a facet to make it seem like your own hair. 

Product shown is Lilac Frost by Hairdo 

Need more hair color ideas?

With so much to wear, there’s plenty to choose from but you should avoid wig colors with heavy red or bronze tones and highlights. Warm colors can compliment your cool skin tone, but depending on the depth of color in your skin's pigment, colors that are too brassy can be overpowering. So take a look at the different shades of browns, black and even the fun purple or the new silvery pale blondes and grays, and see which colors brighten your skin and make you look great!

We want to know what you think! Did we help you find the best wig for your cool skin tone? Tell us in the comments section below!

How to Care for Wigs, Hair Pieces & Hair Extensions
8 November, 2018

The key to human & synthetic wig care is know-how and the right products. This can make your wigs & hair pieces look great longer. Love your hair & it will love you back! Here are tips to help guide cleansing, conditioning and styling.


How To's Products


Cleansing and Conditioning Wigs

Human hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs each have special needs in order to maintain their optimal look and feel. Wigs, hair extensions & hair pieces made from human hair or synthetic hair endure intense chemical processing during production. Prolonging that supple movement crucial to a natural look is a must! To keep your wearable hair in tip top shape, you must use specially formulated hair care product designed to accommodate whichever fiber you are wearing or working with. There is no need to cleanse daily, but there are other steps necessary before or after each wear. Watch our video on How to Wash a Wig like an Expert. The simple tips and techniques outlined here can make all the difference!


While a regular gentle shampoo might seem like a good idea, you'll be MUCH better off with a product custom designed to meet the needs of highly processed hair. You'll protect your investment and keep your hair looking terrific. Unlike most wig care products, BeautiMark is it is free of toxic parabens. The BeautiMark Pure Care line, specially formulated for human hair, contains no color-stripping sulfates.


Wig Expert Tip: If you are new to wearing hair, consider a kit that will outfit you with all that you need. loves the BeautiMark collection formulated specifically for wearable hair and free of parabens.


Styling Wigs and Extensions

One of the greatest benefits of synthetic wigs is that they require very little maintenance and do not have to be restyled after every wash. With synthetic hair you’ll want to steer clear of intense heat -- even a short burst of heat from an oven can cause irreparable fiber damage. If style versatility or daily styling routine is something you enjoy, human hair or heat-friendly synthetic hair is the way to go.

As different occasions call for different priorities, many of our clients keep both human hair and synthetic hair in their wardrobe. Having backups means you’ll always have hair that is ready to wear.

Wig Expert Tip: If you fall in love with a human hair or heat-friendly synthetic hair wig consider getting two. You can avoid overtaxing hair by keeping one styled curly and the other one straight.


While you will want to wash your wearable hair as infrequently as possible, it is critical that you hydrate daily with leave-in conditioner. Natural hair is kept hydrated with oils from the scalp. This, of course, does not happen with wigs or hair add-ons. These products will also protect hair prior to any heat styling.

Manipulate and Finish

One of the greatest benefits of synthetic wigs is that they require very little maintenance and do not have to be restyled after every wash. With synthetic hair you’ll want to steer clear of intense heat -- even a short burst of heat from an oven can cause irreparable fiber damage. If style versatility or daily styling routine is something you enjoy, human hair or heat-friendly synthetic hair is the way to go.
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Will Wigs Boost My Self Esteem?
4 November, 2018

Whether we’re talking about a professional lace front wig or something you picked up to complete your cosplay costume, wigs are transformative. Fashion icon Coco Chanel famously noted that “A girl should be two things: who and what she wants.” While you can’t choose your natural hair, the right wig could help you become the person you want to be—inside and out! Read on to learn more about how wigs can empower you.

Wigs and Self-Esteem

Most people cringe when they think of their middle school hairstyle (I know I do). Our ideal look is constantly evolving—how you choose to style your hair today is likely very different from how it looked five years ago! Hair is also largely dependent on your genes, age, and other factors outside of your control: it can become damaged, thinned, or shapeless, and no matter what product you try, there’s no altering it. You may suffer from hair loss, or have to undergo treatments that alter your hair’s natural qualities. That lack of agency over your appearance can leave you feeling discouraged and insecure.

Wigs can change that! Self-esteem is a complex topic, and is dependent on more factors than your appearance, but getting to choose your hair color, texture, and style is one small step toward feeling more in control of your life. You might see yourself in a new light with a wig that better flatters your facial shape and skin tone than your natural hair. The right style could encourage you to try different clothes, use bolder makeup, or show a side of yourself you previously felt unsure about!

A higher self-esteem has been proven to lead to superior work performance, better interpersonal relationships, and a more positive outlook on your current situation and future. It’s only when you feel empowered that you’re able to see yourself for as beautiful a person as you truly are, flaws and all.

Confidence Wearing A Wig

The initial transition to wearing a wig can seem daunting. You might feel a little anxious, wondering: What will other people think? How will my coworkers react? But remember: you’re choosing to wear a wig for you and your own happiness, not for other people. That’s why it’s so important to select a wig that makes you feel confident in your own skin.

Take your time

A wig is both a physical and emotional decision. BrowsRealhumanhairs and see what options are out there for you, experiment with different colors, and share your worries and wig vision with our client care experts. Once you feel confident in your decision, the transition will be a breeze. Your family, friends, and coworkers are going to love the new you!

How Do I Know My Wig Size?
29 October, 2018

Like your favorite pair of jeans, your wig is something that should be one of the most comfortable things in your wardrobe. If you’re worried about how your wig should fit or how to find your wig size, don’t worry! Here’s your go-to guide for wig measurements, and why it’s so important to find your perfect wig fit.

Measuring Guide

Hair loss and thinning hair are unpredictable by nature. Especially alopecia, which can appear in many different sized patches around the scalp. Finding your perfect wig fit is going to be key in getting the right amount of coverage for your hair loss. A proper fit for a full wig should cover the entire circumference of the head starting with the nape of your neck to the hair line, and from one ear to another. It's also important to note that you may not actually need a full wig. Many of our clients opt for a topper or hairpiece that will cover just the areas needed. This is great because it allows for the natural hair to still show.

Product shown is easiPart human hair 12" by Jon Renau

Following this quick guide to wig measurement is the best way to ensure that your wig isn’t revealing, and that it can precisely cover any area of the scalp that hair loss can affect.

Wig Measuring Chart

Just as important as wig coverage is wig sizing. Contrary to popular belief, designer wigs don’t come in a one-size-fits all. Although most of our customers fall into the average size, there are differences as close as a quarter inch or half inch that could affect your size on the standard wig measuring chart. If you’re wondering how to find your most precise wig measurements, pull out your tape measure and check out our tutorial and wig measurement chart for how you can measure your head. Remember to avoid rounding up your measurements during this process, you’re going to want the most accurate numbers possible.

Some brands even offer half sizes to give you the most custom fit! If you need any help finding the perfect wig brand or need assistance with measuring, contact our customer service reps! 


Your hair density also plays a role in wig sizing. If you feel like your hair is on the thicker side, it’s best to go up a wig size to give your hair that extra room. For visibly thinner hair, order down a size for a more secure fit. Before purchasing your new wig, it’s important to note that sizing does vary for different wig brands, and knowing your exact measurement number is the best way to find your perfect fit on the wig measurement chart.

How Tight Should My Wig Be

We all want our wigs to have that nice snug and secure feeling, but it does bring up an important question, "How tight is too tight to wear your wig?" If your wig is fitting a little too tightly it might cause hair breakage and additional hair loss. Not to mention, you might get headaches as a side effect. You’ll notice almost immediately if you’re wig is too tight because it will ride up on your head shortly after putting it on. (Conversely, wigs that are too loose will fall down on your hairline).

Cap construction is by Raquel Welch

To find your perfect wig fit, play around with the wig’s adjustable features. Most wigs come with adjustable bands or Velcro pieces that let you achieve an even more personalized fit. Ideally, you’ll adjust your wig to create a comfortable grip around the nape of the neck without causing too much strain on your temple.


What are some of your tips for making sure your wig fits perfectly. Tell us what you think. Comment below and let us know!

9 Hairstyles for Men in Their 40s
23 October, 2018

As you approach middle age, you may find that a lot of things in your life are changing your goals, preferences, ideas, priorities, and, of course, your body. Sometimes, you want the changes in your mind to be reflected in the way that you groom your appearance, but you're not always sure how to make that happen. Other times, you're just not sure how to physically accommodate your age.

We're here to offer some ideas to help you with that. This list compiles 9 hairstyles for men in their 40s and many of them could work well for mens beyond their 40s as well.

1. Modest Cut

First of all, we have this modest cut. Whether or not your hair has begun turning gray, it says that you're responsible, sensible, and willing to work hard to do what you need to do. This is the haircut for someone who knows his priorities and sticks to them.

2. White-Haired Nice Guy

We realize that you may not yet have a head full of white hair, but on the other hand, some of you may. If so, use it to your advantage. Cuts like this simple yet pleasant help establish you as a friendly next-door type of guy, and there's nothing at all wrong with that.

3. Buzz Cut

Now we'll start addressing men who may be dealing with the beginnings of baldness (or simply love really short hair). If you can tell that you're already starting to lose your hair, you can beat it to the punch with a buzz cut. It's easy to maintain and looks effortlessly neat.

4. Receding with Widows Peak

Like a couple of two preceding examples, this haircut features short hair with a widow's peak, beating hair loss by making it look good. However, it doesn't quite qualify as a buzzcut. Regardless, the short hair accomplishes the same effect it just may require a bit more combing.

You know, though, if you don't quite want to accept your hair loss yet, there are things that you can do to try and fight it. On the other hand, here are some more ideas if you want to just go with the flow.

5. Combover with Volume

Of course, there are ways to play with combovers. This one has great volume, and the combover itself rises like a tide with several waves to settle smoothly on the head. It adds some interest to the basic idea behind this hairstyle great for any man who wants to look sensible yet still stand out.

6. Two-Toned with Combover

Again, your hair may or may not be graying, but if it is and simply hasn't made the full transformation, embracing both tones of your hair can be intriguing. In this example, the hair is brownish along the top but features gray around the sides. Two very different colors, one very stylish look.

7. Curly Cut

If you have curly hair and aren't losing it, you can continue to show off your curls. In keeping with your age and changing life, however, you may simply want to ensure that you maintain a sensible image by keeping the curls close to you. When they're short like this, they're easier to control, and they send the message that you have it all together.

8. Molded Curls

These curls, on the other hand, are just a tad bit longer, but they're clearly styled to look deliberate. It shows that the man is aware of himself and pays attention to detail. You might find the look suits you as well if you can relate.

9. Curly Undercut

This cut is fantastic for anyone who wants to beat their baldness (if it's starting in the lower regions of the head) or simply emphasize their curly top. It's a look that is typically reserved for younger generations, but you can still pull it off if you have curls like these.

I am new to wigs. How should I pick a wig that suits me?
15 October, 2018

People choose to wear a wig for various purposes. Some people wear a wig to change up a look, while some some do so for covering hair loss. Other people wear a wig for cosplay or other shows, etc.

When it comes to choosing a wig that is suitable or has a natural look, many people feel lost and don’t know where to start.

Today, we will talk about how to choose a wig for people who are looking for covering hair loss.
When a topper cannot cover the hair loss area effectively, then you might think of wearing a wig instead. Let’s choose a wig following the steps below one by one.

1.What new look are you looking for?
Unlike a topper, wearing a wig will bring a totally new look to you. When you are walking on the street, there must be some people’s hair that you admire and you want to have the same hair style. Now you have a target. However, the hair you admire might not suit you and you need to figure out whether the hair color will match your own skin tone. For example, jet-black hair definitely doesn’t suit a person who has a fair skin tone and a blonde hair doesn’t suit a brown skin tone, either. The first thing you need to know is the range of hair colors that will suit you. This will narrow down your choices a lot to this range of hair colors.

What size of a wig do you need?
What size of a wig do you need?

2.What size of a wig do you need?
By measuring the 5 sizes of your head according to the above picture, you will know which size will be yours.

3.What length are you looking for?
From the above picture, you can get a visual idea what length you need.

What cap construction do you like
What cap construction do you like

4.What cap construction do you like?
There are several options for the cap construction including Lace front, Full lace, Glueless full lace, Silk top full lace, and Silk top glueless full lace.
All these cap constructions have a front lace and you need to cut it before wearing. The lace front makes a wig look more natural and helps to blend in with your own skin. You can apply a little glue or hair gel to the front lace and secure it and give yourself a more natural look.
If you are not comfortable with using glue, you can choose the glueless lace wig and use it with combs, clips and a stretch panel for securing the wig.
If you want to wear a pony tail, the full lace wig would be a good option. Since there is no lace at the back for glueless lace wigs, the wig will warp up at the back when you wear a ponytail. With a full lace wig, you can apply a little glue to the back lace to prevent it from warping up.

5 Best Wig Styles For Fall 2018
9 October, 2018

If you’re anything like me, you jump at the opportunity to change it up with your hairstyle! Lucky for us, it’s one of the best times of year to get a new wig to go with our fall style and start gearing up for the cold. But how do we make sure we are keeping up with the trends? Here’s a list of the best wig styles for 2018 to keep you at the top of your fashion game (and everyone else’s!)

Sky by Noriko

Product shown is Sky by Noriko

This absolutely gorgeous wig style is chic and effortless. Can it get much better than that? I’ve searched far and wide for the perfect balance of dark and light and Maple Sugar-R is my color of choice. It’s rich and rooted in medium brown and has just the right hue with a honey brown base and strawberry blonde highlights. Of course, the wispy ends and feathered layers keep in trendy in all colors. 

Upstage by Raquel Welch

Product shown is Upstage by Raquel Welch

My favorite parts about Upstage is that it’s a lace front wig that makes it blend in perfectly with your hairline so no one can tell it’s not your real hair! It’s also got a 100% hand-tied cap, meaning that every hair is hand-tied individually and has a totally naturally movement to it. Golden Russet is for sure the height of fall style, with its simply lovely distribution of ginger blonde and medium golden blonde. I really think you’re going to love this one.

Zara by Jon Renau

Product shown is Zara by Jon Renau

Okay, so personal favorite, here. Zara by Jon Renau is seriously, so pretty I can’t get enough. It’s flirty, feminine and guaranteed to make you the envy of all your fall festivities. With ready-to-wear synthetic hair that looks and feels natural, and open wefting in the cap to create better air ventilation, you’ll think it’s a human hair wig. I got mine in 12FS8 because it has the pale blonde color I crave but it’s also shaded with medium brown to make it perfect for fall. But let’s be honest, what we all want is that length that’s to die for and now it’s all yours.

Editor’s Pick by Raquel Welch

Product shown is Editors Pick by Raquel Welch

Raquel Welch Wigs are at the height of fashion and that’s why we have to include Editor’s Pick. It’s an above the shoulder, layered bob and it’s styled with a bouncy waviness I can’t help but fall all over!  For a stunning dark blonde, try it in Shaded Wheat. If you’re thinking of going red, this style rocks in Deepest Ruby.

Carrie Exclusive

Product shown is Carrie Exclusive by Jon Renau

Last but certainly not least is Carrie Exclusive by Jon Renau. This is a human hair lace front wig, so you can style it just like your natural hair and it has an incredibly soft feel. I love that it can seduce when worn in a curled fashion, or be flipped to lighten things up. I just feel like this wig was made for anyone who likes to be full of surprises. Keep your tones warm this fall with Darkest Brown. It’s ultra rich and delectably decadent. Voila!

Later, our realhumanhairs store will bring the price and color selection of these five styles, welcome to order!

Should I Tell My friends and family I'm Wearing a Wig?
26 September, 2018

Deciding whether or not to tell friends and family about your desire to wear wigs can be a hard mountain to climb. Personally, I love wearing wigs and having such an easy way to add some diversity to my look, while for a friend of mine with alopecia, wearing a wig is the only way you can get her out of the house. Is either one wrong or great? Below I will discuss my feelings on the matter and hopefully help everyone to better understand how wearing wigs is a personal journey and at the end of the day you have to be happy with you.

Wearing Wigs is a Personal Journey

Wearing wigs are much like anything else in the beauty world. It is a personal decision made because of how using the certain beauty product or tool adds to our confidence level. Whether wearing a wig is a major or minor facet to your overall look, everyone wears a wig for a different reason and no reason is any more or less valid than anyone else's. You are wearing a wig for you, not for the world at large.

How Supportive Are They Usually?

This all depends upon your situation. In the case of my friend, her family threw wigs at her to try to make her feel like she had before she lost her hair; while with my situation - someone who has natural hair but just likes to wear wigs - it was a bit more difficult to explain why I do this on the daily and not just for special occasions. But discussing why you are wearing a wig, will make them much more inclined to understand your perspective. 

How Comfortable Are You With Others Knowing?

I have been wearing wigs for so long that it has become a non-issue where others either don’t mention it or if they do they compliment me and then it's back to the regular conversation. I have never been in a situation where I have felt like the outlier because I was wearing a wig in a social situation. With high quality wigs like our %100 hand-tied, lace front wigs, nobody needs to know you're wearing a wig unless you tell them.

All That Matters

Regardless of how your family and friends react, if you are happy and you have the confidence to live a better, brighter, and fuller life, that in the end is all that is important. Once your family and friends - no matter how against it they may be - see how different you are and your confidence level shift, it will be difficult for anyone to say that they think wearing a wig is a bad idea. If you feel like your family may not be as supportive as you'd like, you can find support from other wig-wearers at our forum!

About Human Hair
13 September, 2018

about Human Hair

Human Hair offers the most natural look and feel. It is remarkably soft with a shine and movement that is not easily duplicated in synthetic hair. It is also extremely versatile. Human Hair can be cut and styled to suit your personal tastes. And while it can be a more expensive pick, with the proper care, it is also more durable and can last over a year.

There are generally four basic types of human hair used in wigs: Chinese, Indonesian, Indian and European/Caucasian. The majority of wigs are made from Asian hair. Chinese hair has a thicker denier (unit of fineness) which results in the hair being extremely straight. It is a bit more resistant to curl and can therefore be harder to style. Indonesian hair is found in greater supply and is less costly -- it can often be found in ethnic style wigs. Indian hair has thinner denier close to that of European hair but with a bit more texture. European hair is the most sought after for its fine denier but due to its increasingly limited supply in the marketplace, it is more expensive. 

The origin of the hair is not the only factor, however. Processing technique is directly related to the strength and quality of the end-product. The chemicals needed, to sanitize and strip away the original color to produce different curl patterns and colors, are very strong and can affect the integrity of the hair depending on method used. When a higher quality of chemicals and a more artful approach to processing is used, the results are higher quality product and thus higher price.

Remy human hair is considered a premium option. Hair follicles are kept running in the same direction when collecting and crafting the wig or hairpiece. With cuticles all running in the same direction, tangling is greatly reduced and hair looks and feels silkier. Beware imposters with suspiciously low-priced product – on you’ll only find high-grade Remy hair.

It is extremely important to use care products specifically formulated for highly processed human hair. Also keep in mind that wearable hair does not benefit from naturally occurring oils from the scalp. It is important to hydrate and condition hair daily.

Human hair is by far the superior choice if quality is the only factor. Other than price, the main drawback to human hair is required maintenance -- as with natural hair, it requires effort. For many, daily styling is actually preferable as it allows for more control over the appearance as well as a sense of normalcy that can come with the daily hair styling ritual.Keep in mind that human hair does not come out of the box ready to wear. You may choose to have it customized by a professional stylist to get exactly the look you like.