Go Classy With Hair Extension Hair Clips

  micro fusion hair extensions Every girl or every female wants to look beautiful not even by dress up also with their hair extension. But some times they get confused about their looks so here are the solutions to your problem. However, they are pretty much sure about their dress. Thus, with this article, we are going to describe what kind of hair extension will suit you with your personality. Thus, we will explain to you about hair extension hair clips according to your extension of hairs. 

Following types of micro fusion hair extensions:

micro fusion hair extensions However, every woman loves their hair but sometimes you don’t have enough time to take care of your hair. Thus, you don’t need to worry about your hairs. Because due to lack of time you cant take care of your hair as much you can. With the use of micro fusion hair extensions, you are now going to don’t worry about your hairs. 

It is a new revolution in micro bonding. It allows you for custom size extension which is in the form of crown and apply it hairline into your hairs. Following are the pins are here that you can use: 

Bobby pin:  

 You can use a bobby pin to together your hairs in a single way. These are available in different colors with shapes. 

Claw pin:   

These pins are very attractive and available in different sizes and colors. According to the strength of hairs, you can choose it. 

Snap pin:  

You can also choose this but it is quite costly because of its heavy metals it may destroy your hairs if they are not properly implemented. 

Classic thing:  

If you have long hairs so you can try this. It is not good for short hair. 

Banana clip:  

It is a very long hair clip that can bundle your hairs in a single piece and it is also available in colors. 

Double prong curl:  

It is defined as its names it has double prong. You can use it by any side of your hair. However, this is the way that you can have the perfect hair extension with the hair clips.  

Alligator clip:  

It is a very much satisfied clip which gives your hair a most attractive look. It is available at a very low price. 

Micro fusion hair extensions destroy your hairs? 

micro fusion hair extensions

However, you just don’t worry about the damage of your hair because if the implementation is good so there is no need to worry about this. Thus proper guidance can protect it. If you want to reuse your fusion extension if you did not get bored from the last one so you can continue it because it is reusable. 

Using hair extensions hair clips you can get some attractive ideas. Thus, you can make your hairstyle too much classy with no damage of hairs. It is a revolutionary technique to give your hair classy look at a very reasonable price. Moreover, many more different types of pins are also available in the market so you can also carry them with your hairstyles. 


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