4 Reasons Your Pillowcase May Be Damaging Your Hair

Damaging Your HairHave you been waking up in the morn with desiccating, curly, and knot hair? If the answer is affirmative, you might want to take a closer to examine at your pillowslip. Most people sleep on cotton pillowcases, but they can conduce to continuing hair problems, contain:

1. Knots

Often the rough cotton fibers of your pillowslip deter your hair from slippery around readily, resulting in a knotted mess when you wake up in the morn. Snarled hairless employ longer to style, and yanking on your stem with pushy brushing can rend some of your hair out and induce to breaking.

2. Damaged Hair 

Damaging Your Hair

As you’re tossing and turning at night, your hair is friction against the cotton fibers of your pillowslip, which can reason your hair to destroy. Repeated breaking can eventually make your hair look thinner overall.

3.Frizzy Hair

To eschew curl, it’s peculiarly essential to desiccate your hair before going to bed. Wet hair can create even more rubbing against your pillowslip while you sleep.

4. Dry Hair 

Damaging Your HairCotton pillowcases are known to imbibe the oils from your hair and cutaneous, which can leave them to desiccate, crisp, and prone to breaking. 

The commendable tidings are that all these problems are readily addressed by switching to a silk pillowslip. Silk permits the hair to slip around on your pillow effortlessly, so you waken to smoother hair. This luxurious quality also serves your hair hold its moistness, since it’s not as absorbing as cotton. If you genuinely like your cotton pillowslip and aren’t ready to make the switch, properly hide your hair in a silk neckcloth to keep guard when you’re asleep. 

You might be tempted to blame your pillowslip if you note hairs on your pillow in the morn. But, there is no proof that pillowcases reason or conduce to hair damage. Hairs on your pillow can be a presage that you’re starting to destroy your hair. 

When it comes to hair damage, the before you act, the more choice you may have. Learn more concerning the reason for hair damage and what you can do concerning it by scheduling a complimentary consultation with one of our hair damage experts now. 


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