Hair extension, the damage they do and their life

Why do we use hair extension 

We as women need everything in a perfect state. Whether it’s our dress, our meal or our hair. Well we can deal with first ones quite gracefully but our biggest battle is with our hair. From straight to curly all hair types have some or another imperfection. The biggest of them is having thin hair. It is quite literally the most difficult task to set your thin hair properly. But as they say modern problems have modern solutions. And so I present to you the very famous hair extension. 

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What are hair extension? 

Hair extensions are basically artificial hair. These are used by women to lengthen or thicken your hair. They come in two type synthetic which is of a cheaper quality and the other one is real hair extension which is made of real hair. This is preferred by stylists all over the world because of its rich texture  and real like look. These extensions are relatively costly. 

How to choose the right extension 

This is the main question that arises while one is in the search of an extension for herself. The choice depends on your hair type. Always remember to match your hair extension with the colour of your actual hair. Also remember to choose the right texture. This way you can make sure that your extension and real hair match. Choose the highest quality clip-in hair extension. Do this and you will have long and luscious hairs that will make you look glamorous and perfect for all functions. 

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The life of an extension 

This is a fact that nothing in this world is permanent. Even the highest quality clip in hair extensions are demisable. But you can make them long lasting by taking good care of them and by maintaining them properly. You should keep your hair clean all the time. Make sure that you oil them every weekend and shampoo and condition them every alternate week day. It is very important that you do so else your extension may damage your hair. They may cluster up against your real hair and create a bald patch in the area they are stuck. Take regular visits to your salons and take the advice of your extensionist seriously. They are professionals and would never give you the wrong suggestions. Moreover you pay them a good amount and therefore you should take full advantage of you money. 

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The damage that they do to our hair 

Ladies here’s the thing. Clip in hair extension damage is minimum. This is due to the fact that extensions do not contain any chemicals. They are quite safe and I will even go on to the extend and say that they are better than other hair lengthening method. 

The hair extensions that make you look like celebrity 

Many celebrities use hair extensions to make themselves look hotter. So ladies get going and get yourself a good deal by getting extensions. 

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