Best brand hair extensions 2019- comparison between real hair and synthetic extensions

best brand of hair extensions 2019 So, you are looking for the best solution for achieving a glamorous look. There are so many types of hair extensions available like clip-ins, tape-ins, fusion, etc to choose from. No doubt, the best brand of hair extensions 2019 will work for you so that you can easily very well maintain the beauty of the hair and always look stunning personality. 

Human hair extensions- 

best brand of hair extensions 2019

Human hair extensions are exactly what they spell out. Furthermore, they are all made up of real hair (top to bottom), bought from the hair donor. However, Remy’s hair means that all the cuticles are intact and are running in the same direction when collecting it. Therefore, it allows for no extra interweaving. Also, it ensures that these hair extensions to remain flat and glossy throughout the lifetime. 

Synthetic hair extensions

On the other hand, synthetic hair is made of using different synthetic, blended fibers and no human hair is there in it. Also, these are quite fine and plastic fibers, imitating real human hair. 

Look and feel- 

Both synthetic and real extensions are available in various colors, styles and several forms of applications. However, the quality of synthetic fiber varies. But it is generally rigid and be in motion varyingly from the human hair. It thus doesn’t blend with the natural hair. Often they are having coarse or wiry feel when touch. However, the real hair looks and feels quite real and it, therefore, blend more naturally with the hair of yours. 

Coloring and styling-

best brand of hair extensions 2019

 A person can easily treat the human hair extensions the same as of own natural hair. However, one can easily straighten the hair, color to them, curl them, blow dry those and also apply the best product for hair extensions 2019. But with the synthetic one, you cannot do the coloring as mostly the dyes are containing bleach or ammonia into it. Therefore, it may easily damage the synthetic hair. Furthermore, you cannot style with the synthetic one as the heat can easily damage those. Also, the sun, harsh hair product may damage the synthetic hair extension. 

Quality and long-lastingness- 

No doubt, synthetic hair extension is cheaper than the real hair extensions. As synthetic one is made up of using synthetic fibers, they don’t last for a longer time in comparison to the human hair. The reason is that can get damage easily through sun, heat, etc. Normally, the synthetic hair extensions are lasting for just very few months. Whereas the human hair extensions easily last for a longer time easily if proper care is given to those like by using the best shampoo for hair extensions 2019.   


No doubt, you can easily treat and style the human hair extensions the same as that of your hair and will surely look natural. It easily will blend with your natural hair and will last for a longer time than the synthetic one. Though this synthetic one is cheaper but they don’t last for a longer duration and you cannot style it. Therefore, you can consider buying the best brand of hair extensions 2019 but make sure it is of natural hair. 


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